Ilan Belokon [SCH RA 2020]


First name: Ilan ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Belokon ;

Member: Scholarship resident artist member ; 
2020 ;
n/a ;



Let me introduce Ilan Belokon, a BFA Communication Design student in his Senior year at Parsons, The New School (Go Narwhales! . . . I’ve always wanted to say that). Ilan originally hails from a culturally ambiguous corner of NYC (ahem Brooklyn) where he is currently hoarding the neighborhood wifi. Despite an otherwise packed schedule Ilan spends his time exploring the field of humor in design, alternative & indie music, and how many Adobe programs he can open on his laptop before it crashes (The answer is 5). Please reach out soon, he’s been talking to the mural on his wall for days.




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