Jane Sklar [RA 2020]

Jane Sklar [RA 2020]

First name: Jane ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Sklar ;

Member: Resident Artist Member ; 
January 14, 2020 ;
n/a ;


I have many years of darkroom experience, and have evolved into a seasoned digital photographer using an additional technique pioneered by my teacher and mentor (fellow Stuyvesant High School classmate), Max Cartagena. Making the process a journey all of my own, it is one using simple PC programs without the use of Photoshop. It’s a layering and collaging process that can sometimes take a year for an art piece to complete. Only one piece per size/medium is made in a printing format on canvas, archival paper or the most popular format, embedding in 17 gauge sheer aluminum. The latter technique is presented on a float mount 1/2″ from a wall, and no framing is needed. I consider myself a digital painter, and follow journeys and directions that are often unexpected. To paraphrase Miles Davis: I am playing what isn’t there.

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