Jean Pierre Jacquet [RA 2014]

First name:  Jean ; 
Middle name:
Pierre ; 
Last name:
  Jacquet ;

Member: Resident artist member ; 
2014 ;
n/a ;


I am a French-American painter. And an occasional film animator (some of my film animation work is viewable at For many years, it was the other way around. I devote most of my painting activities to “plein air” painting, or, as the French say, “peinture sur le motif”, i.e on the spot painting.

I like to paint what I see, rather than what I know, and try to uncover the hidden designs in my subject matters, be it straight nature scenes or urban landscapes. I am partial to free and bold brushstrokes which help me keep a certain sketchiness to my paintings.

My influences are eclectic so I will spare you a useless enumeration.





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December 23, 2019

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