Jeremy Comins [RA 1995-2003, 2022]


First name: Jeremy ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Comins ;

Member: Resident artist ; 
1995, 2022 ;
2003, n/a ;



“His work, which is rife with Surrealist bio-morphism and the rich wood tones of Danish modern, evokes Brancusi, early Calder and Noguchi mixed with bits of Nevelson and H. C. Westermann. But Mr. Comins accommodates these associations with an easy sophistication and palpable integrity and an almost infallible sense of touch, scale and composition. His way with wood encompasses its traditions in art, furniture making and architecture.

His constructions, wall reliefs and free-standing reliefs have an airy, acrobatic quality.

Assembled from small, elegantly ambiguous shapes— bone boomerangs, flower wrenches and golf-tee teeth— they balance deliciously between abstract and real, totemic and geological, cosmic and embryonic.

Mr. Comins’ work belongs to the tradition of better-known wood artists like Betty Parsons and Sidney Geist. Some of his smaller pieces have a whittler’s liveliness, but mostly his burnished amalgams reflect the balance of vision and detail that any artist must have.

His works, especially the regal ’’Tower’’ from 1978, would do any museum proud.”

Roberta Smith, The New York Times
full review, November 18, 2005

Jeremy Comins is a member of the Sculptors’ Guild, Artist Craftsmen of New York, and the Brooklyn Water Color Society.




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