Jessica Artman [RA 2015]

First name: Jessica ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Artman ;

Member: Resident artist member ; 
September 21, 2015 ;
n/a ;


Jessica Artman (b.1985) grew up in Central Florida. Her studio is located in West New York, NJ and she is core instructor at the Grand Central Atelier. She received both her BFA and MFA before beginning her classical training with Jacob Collins at the Grand Central Atelier in 2012. During her studies with the Grand Central Atelier, Jessica received two Art Renewal Center awards for excellence and GCAs Structure Prix award. She is a Hudson river fellow, and a reoccurring Metropolitan Museum Copyist. Since completion of the four year program, Jessica began teaching Drawing and Painting with the Grand Central Atelier and was a founding instructor at the Paris Academy of Art. While her work focuses on the figure and anatomy, the principles and philosophy fostered in the atelier system continue to guide her studio practice. She believes in drawing as the source of all knowledge of truth and understanding and aims to develop drawings and paintings that resonate in the classical tradition.




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