Jimmy Wright [RA 2008]

Jimmy Wright

First name:  Jimmy 
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Member: Resident artist


Jimmy Wright (b. 1944, Kentucky) has lived and worked in New York since the early 1970s.  His work is in the collections of The Whitney Museum of American Art; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Art Institute of Chicago; the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; the Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College, Chicago; The Springfield Art Museum, MO; among other institutions. Recent gallery exhibitions include The Queen’s Court, Fierman, NYC (solo), LA 73 – NY 74, M&B Gallery, Los Angeles (solo) and Rachel Harrison, Albert Oehlen, Jimmy Wright, Corbett Vs. Dempsey, Chicago, both in 2019. Fierman released a limited edition publication of Wright’s tearoom drawings, featuring writing by Alissa Bennett and Alison Gingeras, published by Heinzfeller Nileisist. In 2016 Corbett Vs. Dempsey published a major monograph of his work from the 1970s entitled New York Underground. Wright stopped making this body of work as the AIDS crisis wracked the gay community and New York changed. The extant drawings from the period as such serve as a dreamlike document of an oft mythologized cultural moment. The first of Wright’s many flower works, were painted 1988-91, in homage to the artist’s partner who had recently died of AIDS. In 2018 he was named Academician of the National Academy of Design.





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