John Francis Murphy (1853-1921) [RA 1878-1921] : Shrubs [mug 04], 1914.


SAL record control number: 73555 ;

Record level: Item ;

Record type: Movable work ;


Work title:  Shrubs  [from item tag] ;

Alternate work titles: Shrubs  [from item tag] ;

Work date:  ;

Work creator: John Francis Murphy (1853-1921) ;

Work medium: Hand-painted over ceramic white mug ; 
Work dimensions: ? x ? x ? inches ; 

Inscribed / signed front: 
Location: Lower edge of mug.
Dated: No.
Text: ‘J. F. Murphy -‘. 


Marking type: Porcelain company logo/mark.
Location: Center bottom.
Text: ‘[image of a palette and brush with an ‘L’ [in uppercase script font] and with a thin line circle around it] with ‘BELLEEK’ [in non-serif block print] below it.]’.

Marking type: Hand-painted lettering in blue.
Location: Wrapped around mug base bottom ring [facing inward].

Marking type: Hand-painted lettering in black/blue [faded].
Location: Bottom of mug center middle, about 1/3rd down from edge.
Text: ‘Salmagundi / – 1914 -‘.

Marking type: Curatorial sticker horizontal white sticker with rounded edges with type.
Location: Bottom of mug about 1/3rd down from edge.
Text: ‘SC-M / 4’.

Marking type: Hand-painted lettering in blue.
Location: Center bottom.
Text: ‘No 10 / 1915 [faded]’.

Description of work:


Exhibition history:
2020 SCNY Library in west wall locked cabinet “On permeant display” ;

References / citations:
– Accession #: 07.987
– Mug produced by Belleek Pottery Co. (1857-2005)


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December 24, 2019

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