John Stobart Marine Painter Dies

Honorary Salmagundian John Stobart (1929-2023) [HON RA 2009-2023]


NEW YORK, West Village, New York (February 22, 2023) – It is with deep sadness, Salmagundi announces the passing of John Stobart, a long-time Honorary Member of our organization. John was highly celebrated for his beautiful and historic paintings of maritime scenes featuring multi-masted ships in the harbors of large ports in America, Europe, and the British Isles.

Born in Leicester, England, John lived among the magnificent English countryside and inspiring landscapes, which were the subject of his original paintings. However, a visit to Liverpool, the most active port in England, captured his imagination, and he began to concentrate on the sea and ships as his subject matter.

In the early 1960s, shipping companies commissioned John’s works and sponsored his overseas travels. In 1978, he became a founding member of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA), an esteemed and well-respected organization dedicated to advancing the field of marine art and maritime history. Many of our Salmagundi artist members are also members of ASMA.

Years ago, our former Chairman, Tim Newton, invited John to Salmagundi to give a lecture on his background and to show a large sampling of his paintings on screen. During his visit to our Club, John told us stories of how he met Donald Holden, the editor of American Artist Magazine, on a train ride from Toronto to New York. This meeting led to John’s entry into the Kennedy Gallery in New York City and his first solo exhibition in 1967.

In his lecture, John also recounted an amusing incident when a cow approached his easel and licked the paint off his canvas while he was painting a landscape in the English countryside. John established a bit of a trademark by always including a lighted window in a harborside building that included a liquor bottle. Those who knew the story always looked for that special feature.

At Salmagundi, we own a number of John Stobart prints in the permanent collection which will be on display in the print gallery in a few days.

A private memorial service will be held for family members, and donations in Stobart’s memory may be made to The Stobart Foundation.


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