Joseph Losonczi [RA 2012]

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Losonczi  ;

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Joseph Losonczi’s ethereal paintings are compelling reimagined landscapes, inspired by the stunning beauty of the Catskill Mountains and its surrounding area in Upstate New York. Conjuring up an impressionistic spirit, the artist subtly and skilfully employs color, rendering uncanny, trees, meadows and gently flowing streams – markers of a peaceful and harmonious rural existence. Losonczi does not merely transcribe existing locations; he gently constructs imagined places from a patchwork of memories, allowing a personal interpretation of this intriguing landscape to show through. Avoiding harsh colors and abstract forms, Losonczi paints modern works to be enjoyed by all. The accessibility of his images makes them at home on both gallery, and living room walls.

A U.S. citizen, Joseph Losonczi was born in Mindszent, Hungary. He is a graduate of New York University, attended the American Art School, and holds a certificate of completion from the National Academy of Design. Losonczi began his art education in Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary in an art circle led by regional artist, Miklos Csikos, and in Budapest at the Desi Huber Istvan Art School. His works have been exhibited at the National Arts Club and Salmagundi Club, and published in many books and magazines including New Art International, International Contemporary Masters, Important World Artists, Effetto Arte, Aesthetica, and in a 2000 commemorative magazine. He is a member of Audubon Artists and Salmagundi Club.





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