Joseph Sheppard [EM NRA 2005]

Joseph Sherperd

First name: Joseph ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Sheppard ;

Member: Emeritus Non-resident member ;
2005 ;
  n/a ;


Mr. Joseph Sheppard is an internationally renowned painter and sculptor. As one of the great contemporary masters of figurative art in the realist tradition, Sheppard believes that to portray the human figure in any medium, one must first understand its intricate anatomy. So he has made that awareness a central focus of his life’s work, as a student, a teacher, and an artist.

Sheppard first discovered his innate talent and meticulous eye for detail at the age of 12. Determined to make his own mark as an artist, he earned a scholarship to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Although Sheppard began his studies there at a time when modernist abstraction was the latest craze, he quickly rekindled his passion for three-dimensional form and perspective under the influence of Jacques Maroger, the legendary classical painter and former art conservator at the Louvre.

Among his many accomplishments, in 1961 he co-founded the Six Realists, a group of young artists who, determined to promote their work, took over a vacant gallery in Baltimore. But after drawing 2,000 people on opening night, the three-week exhibition turned into a three-year venture, earning tremendous acclaim and support for the six enterprising organizers. Sheppard also returned to MICA, this time to teach painting and life drawing to a new generation of emerging.




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