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Kate Lehman was born in London in 1968 and was raised in Paris. From a childhood nurtured by art, a family passion, Kate has retained a fascination for stories told by places and objects, for the souls of things. The path which led her to art was revealed from a young age and followed through with rigorous art training on traditional academic techniques at the Minnesota River School of Fine Art with Patrick Devonas. She continued her studies with him in New York and later in Brooklyn under Jacob Collins and Rick Piloco at The Water Street Atelier.

Despite devoting years to the technical aspects of painting, she still was not satisfied. Turning to sculpture as an outlet of awareness, she found her way back to the joys of painting through a series of experimentations on copper. It’s smooth, bright surface opened an infinite array of exploration on materials and color. Patina craters and abstract, organic shapes contrast with the fine features of the face, or the softness of the pallet, unfolding landscapes of sensitive geography, at once tender and tumultuous.

Her work has been shown in galleries and Museums across the United States, Asia and Europe.

Arcadia Gallery, NY. Villa Bardini, Florence, Italy. Laurence Esnol Gallery, Paris, France. Grenning Gallery, NY, Meredith Long Gallery, TX. The John Pence Gallery, CA. Robert Simon Fine Art, NY. Spanierman Gallery, NY. Susan Powell Fine Art, CT. The Albequerque Museum Foundation, NM. The Arnot Museum, NY. The Beijing World Art Museum, China and the Dalian Modern Museum China.




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