Kathryn T Cross [NRA 2015]


First name: Kathryn ;
Middle name:
T ;
Last name:
Cross ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2015 ;
n/a ;



Nowadays, separate from her work with American Gold Star Mothers, Kathryn is also an exceptional artist, creating patriotic greeting cards to generate awareness and support for those who are hospitalized or serving overseas. For over a decade, and still going strong, she travels throughout the year on a “Tribute Journey” visiting veterans and military service members nationwide. She has also continued to create beautiful paintings and illustrations. Art has brought greater meaning and a sense of purpose to her life as a Gold Star Mother.

Kathryn is grateful to many influential people who have helped inspire her on her personal journey as a Gold Star Mother and artist, including Ashley Wagner, Sebastien Reyes and the U-Haul teammembers for sponsorship and support of “Tribute Journey,” Veterans Advantage Co-Founders Scott and Lin Higgins, and Veterans Advantage Advisory Board member Paul W. Bucha, a Medal of Honor recipient, as well as “so many of my fellow Gold Star Mothers.”

“Once someone said to me ‘inside of every artist is someone screaming ‘Please don’t forget me.’ I believe this is certainly the case for every Gold Star Mother; only we scream inside ‘please do not forget them and all that they have sacrificed for us all.’”





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