Kerry Miller [NRA 2016-2020]

First name: Kerry ;
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 Miller ;

Member: Non-resident member ; 
2016 ;
2020 ;


After many years of working with collage and mixed media, British artist Kerry Miller began exploring ways in which she could make use of old, discarded books. She experimented with dissecting and rebuilding them to produce the unique assemblages in her ‘reimagining the book’ series.

For each piece she works on, Kerry uses only the illustrations found within that particular book, having first removed the written word. Color is added using inks or watercolors where she considers that they will enrich and enhance the final effect, adding a sense of depth and energy.

These intricately worked 3D books provide tantalizing glimpses into a rich past, becoming miniature worlds that allow the viewer to simply tumble into them.

The books she uses are variously sourced and carefully selected for their illustrations and character, whilst taking into account her perception of how the finished piece will look. She uses only old books as they lend themselves to this treatment in a way that modern books do not.

“I enjoy the fact that I can even make use of books in a condition which most people would dismiss as unusable. For instance, I discovered an 1868 copy of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management in a junk shop. Although complete, it was little more than a pile of loose pages held together with an elastic band. Inside, however, the lovely illustrations were revealed to be in perfect condition. The rugged and gnarled appearance of the book has been carefully preserved, which I believe greatly enhances the character of the finished piece”.

Kerry views her work as a collaboration, a partnership with the past, and giving new purpose to old books that may otherwise never see the light of day or simply end up in recycling.




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