Kim Hetherington [NRA 2018]


First name: Kim ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Hetherington ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2018 ;
n/a ;



Kim operated a landscape design business in Washington, D.C. Thinking that more formal art training would enhance her landscape presentations, she enrolled at the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia. There she learned the basics of oil painting from the extraordinary portrait painter Rob Liberace.

She subsequently studied with David Leffel , Stanley Bielen, Jon Redmond and Tina Ingraham. She has had solo shows in Washington, D.C. and in mid-coast Maine, and has participated in numerous group shows in each of these locations.

Kim is inspired by Winston Churchill, who famously took up painting later in life. When discouraged, she remembers his admonition: “(T)he first quality needed is Audacity. There really is no time for the deliberate approach…. We may content ourselves with a joy ride in a paint box.”





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