Laianna Ferruggia [JR RA 2016-2022] 


First name: Laianna;

Middle name:  ;
Last name:
  Ferrugia ;

Member: Junior resident artist member ; 
2016 ;
 2022 ;


Originally from the Hudson Valley of upstate, New York, Laianna Ferruggia has been under constant captivation with the world around her; particularly by nature and the people she meets. At an early age, her mother would take her to work with her and with little to do, she teleported to a world of her own that existed between the lines she drew on sheets of paper. In time, her imaginative journeys developed into frustrating yet defiant attempts to draw the world as she saw it before her. She worked hard at this skill and eventually found herself shuffling through the corridors of art school; arms full of portfolios, pencils, brushes and books.
She earned her B.S. from SUNY New Paltz in 2011. During her studies, she travelled to Paris and Provence, France where she studied art history and landscape painting. As a result of her hard work and dedication, Laianna won several scholarships that supported her through her college career. She also participated in several group shows; one notable exhibition titled “Together” took place in Chelsea, New York.

Laianna went on to study under the classically trained painter Andrew Lattimore at his atelier in Cornwall, NY for several years. After much preparation, she moved to Florence, Italy to attend the Florence Academy of Art where she studied diligently, ripening her skill and training her eye. Her exposure to the breathtaking artistic culture of Europe that year was unprecedented in her life as a creator.

For the past few years, she has been working with pop surrealist and street artist Ron English; expanding her knowledge of various art genres and media. Laianna is a member of the Salmagundi Club and has won various honors and awards throughout the years in a number of group shows. Her latest solo exhibit premiered in December of 2017. She continues to hone and express her unique vision between the marks she makes on wood, canvas and sheets of paper.



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