In spring 2022, the Salmagundi art collection will present Lalique & Mucha : Drawing Inspiration, a window into two of the world’s leading luxury designer’s drawings and their inspiration.  The exhibition will feature the largest collection of Lalique drawings outside of France by jewelry and glass designer Rene Lalique and the foundational drawings of Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha’s Documents Decoratifs (1901).

The collection consists of 40 drawings and sketches covering works by the iconic designer Rene Lalique.  Lalique planned and presented client’s his ideas for jewelry designs using the ink on parchment drawings.  The works provide a window into the underlying geometry, thought process and inspiration of the artist.

Alphonse Mucha [NRA 1922], a member of the Salmagundi Club from 1922 until his death was a friend and competitor to Lalique.  In 1901, Mucha developed a drawing guide for student artists in the form of a book of Art Nouveau motifs consisting of 74 plates.  Documents Decoratifs (1901) will be presented alongside his friendly competitor Lalique’s drawings uncovering the similarities and differences in the two artist’s approaches and themes.