Lea Wight [NRA 2010]

First name:  Lea ;
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Last name:
  Wight ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ;
2010 ;
n/a  ;


My work has to do with teasing out the inner world of people, their places and possessions. Their stories. I’ve always been interested in what is on the other side of the faces people show to the world. One of my childhood memories was standing hidden in the dunes at night watching people in their homes unguardedly going about their evening. … I looked in their windows at night. Now I do it when I paint. Regardless of how mundane, I was fascinated by the absolute truth revealed when people dropped their masks. When a person sits quietly for a painting with luck that’s what happens and they reveal themselves. If this can be painted it is timeless. This is really what I think my art is about.

I’ve identified as an artist since I was a kid. In the beginning it was my love of drawing that gave me an identity and a place in the world. It led me to who I am now and hopefully to who I will be. My mother, an artist herself, supported my interest and identity as an artist and let me be.

Painting is like climbing a mountain. You get to the top of mountain and you think you’re there, but then you see the next range ahead of you. And then you start on that journey, and you have to enjoy the journey. LCW

Lea Colie Wight was born in Philadelphia, Pa in 1951. She earned a BFA from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1974. In 2003 Lea discovered Studio Incamminati, an intensive Atelier founded in Philadelphia by renowned artist Nelson Shanks and entered as a student. After completing her studies Lea was invited to join the teaching staff rising to become one of the lead teachers at that school. Lea periodically served.





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