Leah Lopez [NRA 2010]

Leah Lopez (b.1981)

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 



A native of New Mexico, Leah studied traditional drawing and painting in the West before moving to New York in 2007. She came to New York when it was time to absorb new inspirations. Her oil paintings are distillations of nostalgia being observed in the present, leading to timeless paintings of elegance, romance, and mystique.

From the beginning, Leah recognized her love for the mystical and creative atmosphere of her surroundings. It inspired her vision and expression as an artist. Although her roots are steeped in traditional painting and working from life, her compositions are often ignited by deeply striking moments, ephemeral passages of time, and symbols we interact with every day. The combination of the physical and metaphysical aspects are at play in her work, winding stories and elements to a synchronous climax.

After 20 years of teaching the very craft she participates in, Leah enjoys sharing what she’s learned in her practice of art. Sharing is a way of passing on the traditions she values.






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