Lee Hutt [NRA 2014-2024]

First name: Lee ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Hutt ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2014 ;
2024 ;


When Lee married and moved to Massachusetts, she intensified her studies in sculpture at Mount Holyoke College and Lyme Academy. Combining her skill as an artist with her understanding of the psychology of people, Lee made a natural transition to portraiture and to the figure.

As a sculptor, I use traditional materials, clay and plaster. I often combine my work with found objects…steel mountings and photographs that in 2D juxtapose themselves against the three dimensionality of my work.

In addition to working on my own, I founded two artists’ studios in which, as a group, local artists come together to work from a live model. The first incarnation of this project was GOFIGURE SCULPTING STUDIOS, hosted in an old mill building in Holyoke. From the sculpture studio an arts community developed to the pleasure and benefit of all. Out of that experience came the second, GOFIGURE OPEN DRAWING STUDIO, which is a “drop in” [no sign up necessary] once per week, live model studio, that continues to meet today.

When not sculpting or drawing, I can be found looking through the lens of my camera…more recently photographing with my iPhone and creating digitally edited images using computer software, and apps.






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