Lorna Fisher Vanparys [NRA 2018]

Lorna Fisher Vanparys

First name:  Lorna ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Vanparys ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ;
2018 ;


Change is now. And the contemporary artistic movement is “Street Art”. Through innovation and hybrid forms of popular expression “Street Art” is transforming local environments into vibrant urban living spaces. It is a new voice, an avant-garde art explosion that explores new proportions, new techniques, new materials, and new platforms—and is propelling into style a powerful new social activism by connecting with a more diversified public. “Street Art” is also expanding and enhancing the traditional art market, creating an exciting alternative to the prevailing world of gallery/museum art. I completed a large, invitational Street Art mural in Brooklyn, New York, the city’s capital of Street Art and this experience inticed me to research this challenging new expression so rich in potential.





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