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Mark Battista is a freelance artist and fine art photographer. He was born in CT and graduated from Paier College of Art with a B.F.A. Upon graduation, he was awarded “The Outstanding Illustration Major Award” and received recognition for graduating summa cum laude. At Paier, he studied under renowned artists, such as Ken Davies, Robert Zappalorti, Rudolph Zallinger and John Massimino.He received a M.S. degree in Art Education from Southern CT State University.

Mark has worked as an illustrator, fine artist and art educator for over 30 years. The artist has won major awards ,is a juried member of the Salmagundi club and is represented by the Niantic Bay Gallery in Niantic, CT.

Mark has exhibited and has been represented by numerous nationally known art galleries and art organizations including:

Mark Battista works in oils, watercolor and charcoal. His portraits, skillfully developed and rendered through years of study, capture the inner quality of the subject. His realistic sharp focus still lifes capture the intricate detail, creative interplay of light and shadow and as James Weiss, art editor for the New Haven Register commented, “Battista’s most technically accomplished paintings create a tranquility not always achieved in other works in the show”.

While Mark’s portraits and still lifes in oil are highly detailed ,exploring the “archeology of layers”, his watercolors expresses a much looser, fluid approach that explores gesture, light and color.
Mark’s photography has been influenced by his paintings and he enjoys creating a “visual dialogue” between the two disciplines. His painting both influences and is influenced by his study of photography.





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