Mary Jean Weaver [NRA 2020]

Mary Jean Weaver

First name: Mary ;
Middle name:
Jean ;
Last name:
Weaver ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2020 ;
n/a ;


Mary Jean Crenshaw Weaver grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Influenced by family artists and with a great love for animals, “Mojo” recalls her persistent determination to draw every animal she encountered as a child. She received an advertising degree and a master’s degree in Finance from the University of Alabama. During grad school, she took art history classes, and studio art with the renowned artist Al Sella. Further inspired by Tuscaloosa artists Jack Leigh and Evan Wilson, Mojo spent 20 years most passionately devoted to her two children but included annual workshop instruction from numerous modern masters.

Fast forward to today; Act 2 has begun.

“I’m enjoying this passion for painting, drawing and exploration more than ever! I find an intimacy with the simplest of creatures and settings. When light plays across any subject, I feel a spiritual sense of intrigue and am reminded of God’s creativity.”




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