Ellen Bradshaw [RA 2020]

First name: Ellen ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Bradshaw ;

Member: Resident Artist Member ; 
2020 ;
n/a ;



Ellen Bradshaw’s work was influenced by the realism of the Ashcan painters of the 1910-30’s, as well as the sense of color and atmosphere explored by the Impressionists.

Ellen’s usual subject is New York City. “I’m drawn to the common everydayness of life in the city, and perhaps what is hidden just beneath the surface of the ordinary. The reflective moody quirky streets of Lower Manhattan are my usual subjects – the neighborhoods, the personalities of her buildings, the majesty of her bridges, the streets transformed by snow or the colors of night, the lone figures of daily routine, the everyday intensity of the simple passing of moments against that in-your-face reality that is New York City.”

Ellen’s landscape paintings depict the beautiful Finger Lakes Region in upstate Western New York, her show “Heading Home, Keuka Lake” can be viewed in the Landscapes collection!

Ellen is currently President of Pleiades Gallery since 2000.





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