Michael Seiden [NRA 2019]

Michael Seiden

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Seiden ;

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2019 ;
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“My love for photography started years ago, when as a student at Columbia University, I had the opportunity to tour the western United States. I was born and raised in NYC, so this was the first taste I ever had of the natural beauty of our world. I truly was transfixed by the amazing wonders my eyes beheld. I boldly tried to capture these wonders, taking the first photos of my life, using antiquated equipment. Over the years, my infatuation with nature continued to grow, as did my opportunities to go to far away exotic places, armed with better photographic equipment. I have been as far north as 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle and as far south as Ushuaia, the take off point for Antarctica. I have been blessed to see and photograph such enchanting treasure chests of nature as Africa, Iceland, the Amazon, the Sahara Desert, Southeast Asia, Central America, the Bolivian Altiplano, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and numerous times the American West.

“My evolution as a photographer is fueled by passion and desire. My photographic expertise is the result of over 30 years of taking hundreds of thousands of photos. I apply scientific principles to utilize the basic building blocks of photography, which in my opinion are physics and geometry. I embrace many different techniques using reflections, silhouettes, vanishing points, ultra wide angles and my current favorite, HDR (High Dynamic Range), which by using multiple exposures of the same image makes the details, colors and tones explode off the image.

“Photography to me is passion not work. My goal is not a photograph but a work of art. A successful photograph is not one that merely accurately copies a subject onto a computer or printable medium, but one that conveys emotion and is capable of moving the viewer. I’m only fully satisfied with a photograph if I can portray the subject matter to move the viewer, whether it be love or displeasure, happiness or sadness, strength or weakness, beauty or ugliness, loneliness or belonging, triumph or defeat, etc., etc. My favorite subject matter is nature. I love landscapes of mountains, trees, flowers, deserts, rainforests, waterfalls, oceans, beautiful skies and lakes. To combine those scenes with beautiful sunsets or sunrises, is to me heaven on earth. I love photographing all living things found in nature, whether they be large or small. So I have quite a large collection of whales, multitudes of African animals, hundreds of different birds and loads of beautiful butterflies and frogs. I do take people portrait shots and street scenes, but in a spontaneous unplanned way, in order to capture what I call a ‘slice of life’. I’m not a big fan of posed or orchestrated photography. I print my photos in numerous sizes and shapes on photographic paper, canvas, acrylic, wood and my new favorite, metal. Both the metal and acrylic give the photos an immense dose of luminescence.

“I’ve had my work on display at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru attended by hundreds of nations and at the Margaret Thatcher Gallery in New York City. One of my photos graced the cover of a UN report on the effects of Global Warming.”





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