Michael Tobin [NRA 2012]

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  Tobin ;

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2012 ;
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Michael Tobin grew up in Elizabeth, NJ and attended high school in nearby Newark. After receiving B.A. in Humanities from Pratt Institute, he taught high-school Art and Art History for six years before transitioning to a career as an art director. He has received awards from art directors’ clubs in New York and New Jersey, and his work has appeared in Graphis and the Graphis illustration annual. He earned an M.S. in Package Design from Pratt Institute and maintains a design practice serving corporate clients.

Mr. Tobin began painting and drawing at an early age, but had little formal training beyond high school until 1993, when he began attending the National Academy of Design, in New York. For a period of ten years, he studied with Furman Finck and Janet Wentworth and took master classes with Aaron Shikler and Everett Raymond Kinstler. Since 2009 he has studied with Andrew Lattimore, in Cornwall. He is a member of the Salmagundi Club, the Portrait Society of America, the Art Society of Old Greenwich, and the Orange County Arts Council. His work has appeared in many juried and non-juried shows in the region, and he has received best-in-category awards for his oils on a number of occasions. Mr. Tobin and his wife, Gloria Bonelli, have lived in the Hudson Valley for more than 25 years.



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