Michelle Palatnik [JRA 2012]




First name: Michelle

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Michelle Palatnik was selected by Elizabeth Murray as the winner of a four-year scholarship to NYU. While there, she studied with Ross Bleckner and spent Saturdays at the Art Students League. In her sophomore year, the Martin Wong Foundation awarded her a first place scholarship in painting.

After earning her BFA, Michelle trained in the classical tradition at the Grand Central Atelier. For three years she studied with Jacob Collins, a leading figure of the contemporary classical art revival movement. She was accepted into the Hudson River Fellowship program twice and became a Junior Scholarship member of the Salmagundi Club.

In 2014, Michelle’s work was included in Poly International’s first American Contemporary Art auction in China. She won a first place, Richard C. Pionk Memorial Award at the Salmagundi Club and was selected to be a copyist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she had the rare opportunity to copy a Rembrandt Self Portrait. ​Since then, she has been enriching her practice with independent study, and sharing her insights among students.






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