Mireille L Duchesne [NRA 2004-2019]

First name: Mireille ;
Middle name:
L ;
Last name:
Duchesne ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2004 ;
2019 ;



Mireille was born and raised in Normandie, the province of France so loved by the Impressionists. The expansive skies, rolling fields, and gardens captured her heart, and she realized quite early that she was an artist. However, her conservative, traditional upbringing discredited women artists, so her passion went largely unnoticed until she moved out of her parents’ apartment in Le Havre.

As a young adult, Mireille traveled the francophone world, living all over France and the western coast of subsaharan Africa before settling in the States. It is there that she was able to gain her independence and fully devote herself to painting.

The influence of her travels are apparent in Mireille’s paintings as she so often looks to landscape, and, particularly, skies. Her shifting environments have the ability to portray one’s internal state through light and composition. This is evident in her paintings, as the skies can seriously be considered as characters themselves, and those characters may change from viewer to viewer. Something similar can be said of her still-life paintings which pair novel items to share a narrative with the viewer, one which is, paradoxically, alive. In experimenting outside of her classical training, Mireille has been further developing her portrayal of the internal with color, composition, light, and movement. The impression is similar to that of her landscapes, yet electric. There is a more deliberate interrogation of the self at play on the canvas, one which differs slightly from her peacefully contemplative skies. Across all styles, her paintings urge the viewers to look inward.





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January 1, 1943

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