Nancy Guzik [NRA 2008-2021]

First name: Nancy ; 
Middle name:
Last name:
Guzik ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2008 ;
2021 ;


After graduating from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Nancy continued her studies at the Palette & Chisel Academy and completed her schooling at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Connecticut studying anatomy and sculpture with the late Dean Keller.  Nancy met master artist and author Richard Schmid at the Palette and Chisel Academy, who became her mentor.  Richard helped to develop her innate talents, which opened the doors to the Grand Manner style of painting. (Richard describes the Grand Manner as a certain mingling of virtuosity and unrestrained joy in Art.)  “We would question everything” Nancy states, “ourselves, our paintings and this amazing miracle we are all a part of.  He taught me to identify and understand what I am passionate about and then paint it.”

Nancy is widely known for her mastery and originality in still life and people painting.  When asked why she loves to paint children from life, Nancy smiles, “There is something that all children are born with that I connect with. As my painting begins to unfold, the child and I are drawn together into a magical process of creativity. Meeting on this creative level, we journey together into the realm of imagination — and into the world of art we go.”

In addition to appearing in noteworthy exhibitions and receiving prestigious awards, her paintings grace both private and public collections, and captivate art lovers worldwide. As one of the directors of the Putney Painters in Vermont, she has helped transform the careers of many aspiring painters.




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