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I started my art journey many years ago with a local artist, Bobby Sward at the Burkholder Art Project in Lincoln, Nebraska. I did not attend a formal art school but rather learned art over time from various professional artists and through my own personal practice. I continued to develop my understanding of painting and drawing by participating in workshops and classes at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts, Mardosz Fine Art, Bemis School of Art and the Alvarez Art School in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The goal of my art is to connect the viewer with a special, emotive moment in time through paint or charcoal. My charcoal drawings on this site were created during live model sessions and finished during a relatively quick time frame to maintain the energy and dynamism that comes from that fleeting moment in time. My water based oil paintings were either created from life in the moment or from special photos that I worked over a longer period of time. My painting interests vary from portraits to landscapes but I really enjoy painting people the most.

My art has been displayed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA Swimming Headquarters at the Olympic Training Center, Under the Bridge Gallery, and locally owned coffee shops in Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of my figure drawings was used as the cover art for Under the Same Sky Magazine in April, 2017.





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