Nathan Michael Bertling [NRA 2022]

First name: Nathan ;
Middle name:
Michael ;
Last name:
Bertling ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2022 ;
n/a ;



Nathan Bertling (b.1974) studied visual arts and communications at Furman University, graduating cum laude in 1996. From 2002-2008, he joined the atelier of American master Benjamin F. Long, IV in Asheville, NC. There Bertling studied drawing and painting in the Old Master tradition, eventually teaching portrait drawing at the school over his final two years. Recently, he was named a Living Artist by the Art Renewal Center, and in 2020 was selected as a Semi-Finalist in the ARC’s 15th Annual International Salon. As a private tutor, Bertling shares his knowledge and practice with students in his home studio in Greenville, SC. His works hang in numerous private collections.

Earlier this March, Bertling had his debut solo show in NYC at Dacia Gallery, where he is now represented. In April, he and his wife Hallie, a children’s book author-illustrator, attended an artist’s residency in Roskilde, Denmark. Partnered as emerging artists, they are excited to continue exploring the world as they engage it with their work.


A contemporary realist, I work in the wonder of people and place.
Shaped by a belief in real presences, I labor from life-in-the-round whenever I can. By keeping traditional materials & methods in conversation with contemporary advances, my studio practices remain vitally informed and growing.

Responding to our moving world, I prize composing. Freighted with the weight of what’s seen, my pictures layer the real with the memoried and the dreamed. Convinced that beauty stubbornly persists, I salvage it wherever I find it—and follow it through.


Bo Bartlett Master Class, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA, 2016
The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas, under ARC Living Master B.F. Long, IV, Asheville, NC, 2002-2008
Furman University, B. A. Interdisciplinary Studies, cum laude, 1992-1996


Art Renewal Center Living Artist
Represented by Dacia Gallery in the East Village




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