Noah Buchanan [NRA 2021] : Study for visual perception, 2021.


SAL record control number: 101178 ;

Record level: Item ;

Record type: Movable work ;


Work title: Study for visual perception [title from artist] ;

Alternate work titles:
2021 : Study for visual perception  [title from artist] ;

Work date: 2021  [from artist] ;

Work creator: Noah Buchanan [NRA 2021] ;

Work medium: Graphite, charcoal, chalk and crayon on prepared paper ;
Work dimensions: 30 x 22 inches [unframed] ;

Inscribed / signed front: [unknown] ;

Verso: [unknown] ;

SAL category: Works on paper ;
SAL sub-category: Drawings ;

Archives of American Art subjects:
Allegory — Perception
Art — American
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State)
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State) ― Salmagundi
Figure female
Figure female — Full length

Description of work:

Allegorical figure for visual perception (principal, standing / kneeling female figure):
● A painter in the act of looking/perceiving; she kneels on a stack of texts, inferring the idea that knowledge informs perception.
● The painter is winged, alluding to the freedom the artist possesses when their perceptual abilities are fully advanced. The wings also make a reference to Abbot Handerson Thayer’s affiliation / history with the Salmagundi Club.
● The palette makes a strong visual connection to the palettes on display in the Salmagundi library itself, immediately above the doors.
● The binoculars represent pursuits in seeing more powerfully, and further afield.

2021 SCNY, gift of the artist, accession #[tba] ;
2021 Noah Buchanan [NRA 2021], the artist .

Exhibition history:
2021 SCNY Noah Buchanan : library studies October 17 – November 19.

References / citations:
– Collection database, accession #[tba].



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July 4, 2021

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