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Olga Felgemacher spent nearly ten years with Baird, after the death of Baird’s wife and collaborator Cora – a highly talented puppeteer in her own right – where she starred in every production at the theater, bringing to life characters written for her by such show business luminaries as Sheldon Harnick and Joe Raposo. After Baird closed up shop, Olga accepted a long-standing invitation from Jim Henson to join his Muppets, where she spent a year on Sesame Street & puppeteered in the first Muppet Movie. Felgemacher, along with her partner and husband Craig Marin began their own performing company called Flexitoon, where they design, build and perform puppets and marionettes for television, film and stage, including Nickelodeon’s Pinwheel and Shining Time Station (also starring George Carlin and Ringo Starr) on PBS. Flexitoon is currently in production with a famous rock band for a wild immersive puppet theater experience launching Fall, 2022.




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