Our younger members - the Junior Scholarship show.
s most of you know, Salmagundi has a sizable roster of both Scholarship and Junior members.
our scholarship members range in age from 21 to 31 years. Our Junior members range from 31 to 35 years. After those members who have opted out of the age group at 35 make the decision to become part of our artist members on our roster. 
A painting of a young man holding a reflective teacup in his right hand, and a saucer in his other. He wears a taupe vest over a button-down shirt with a vase of flowers sitting behind him.

Elena Bria

A painting in which the viewer is looking uphill at a barn that sits atop. The sky is clear, the trees are bare, and the grass is crisp and dry underneath.

   Caleb Stoltzfus

All artists applying for membership in those age categories must be juried as members for their artistic abilities that meet the levels of excellence established at Salmagundi. 
Each year, these younger groups install a major exhibition into our Rockwell Gallery in the month of January. A host of awards are given for the best works accepted.
This year was yet the most exciting as three submissions arrived from Moldova, a country that borders the Ukraine. The artist, Elena Bria, came herself from her city of Chisinau with her paintings out of their frames to be stored in the overhead of the airplane. Elena arrived in time to help install the show and received first prize. (see inside back cover) 
Other outstanding artists included Niamh Butler, Megan Euell, Charity Henderson, Tatiana Mitra, Mitchell Saler, Patrick Okrasiski, Kevin Muller-Cisernos, Brad Davis, Eric Leichung, Junji Liu, Alyssa Stafin, Spencer Simmons, Caleb Stoltzfus, and Marco Vero.
A blonde child rests her head in the crux of her arm, on a table. Unenthused, she lifts up a syrupy waffle from its stack on her plate. Everywhere else on the table are stacks of miniature pancakes.

Junyi Liu
That’s not what I said

A painting of a field being grazed on by cattle. The horizon is lined by clouds under a blue sky. A white fence separates a path from the grazing cattle.

Mitchell Saler
Path through the Pasture

A painting of a stone archway, supported by columns. It stands among verdant grass and foliage during the afternoon. A cone-shaped tree stands to the right of it.

Eric Leichttung
Rite of Passage