The New School: night of the next


May 10, 2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Rockwell gallery
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Open to the public
RSVP recommended

FREE to attend

Night of the next is a student organized exhibition of two young and talented artists, Minami Matsumoto and Dylan Anderson; both looking to continue honing their craft and pursuing their passion. In this show we hope to bring you a glimpse into the paths of these young artists studying at Parsons, and bring them a chance to show their work and effort to a broader audience. We will be exhibiting acrylic paintings and photography pieces; two inherently contrasting but connected art mediums. This night will be one to remember––we encourage you to come see the pieces that portray the world through their perspectives.


Salmagundi members are welcome to reserve for dinner in the dining room via our Reservations page.

Close up on a pink flower with many wrinkled petals.
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