Philippe-Antoine Boirin [RA 2019-2022]


First name: Philippe ;
Middle name:
Antoine ;
Last name:
Boirin ;

Member: Resident artist member ; 
2019 ;
n/a ;



Time is essential for me, because it is fleeting; photography is essential for me, because it lasts.

I like to cross them together, as happens at the precise instant I am taking a picture, and I cannot hide the special thrill I feel at this moment. I must confess that it is always an instant of pure joy.

I would like to address my ambiguity regarding the term “to take a picture“ and the role of the photographer: I don’t exactly want to “take“ a shot, but rather to “reveal“ an instant in the life of someone, something, somewhere. But, of course, it must be done quickly. In an infinitely brief instant I must “take” the necessary distance to become the unique witness of that instant.

This is how I have become an errant photographer, wandering the city in search of all that light reveals of its buildings, its passersby, its shadows and colors.

I have always given myself complete freedom in my approach to photography, not subscribing to any one method, attempting to defy classification. With no theory to guide my work or to support it, it is wide open to the subjective view of the beholder. I am very attached to my freedom, and I accept the risks that go along with it.

Photography gives me the possibility to create more than just an image, more than just a reality. The photo should also tell an entirely different story from what it shows. It creates something unreal and I hope this unreality is a narrative. If that story is strange, if it arouses the imagination of the person who sees it, then, at that moment, I have achieved my goal.

Time is essential to me, because it passes, the photo is essential to me because it remains.

There is like a fruitful crossing between one and the other and each shot gives me this thrill which is also that of pleasure. I would like to say everything that the term “shooting” provokes in me reluctance and reflects all the ambiguity of my position as a photographer: I do not want to “take” but “to show”. Show, give to see a moment in the life of something or a place; but for that, and all photographers know it, it is necessary to act quickly. For a very short, infinitely short moment, I just have to ‘take’ the necessary distance in order to become the sole witness of this moment. This is how I became a wandering photographer in search of all that light gives to the city and its buildings, to its passers-by, its shadow and color.

I have always given myself all the degrees of freedom in my approach, without ever subscribing to a method or adhering to a classification. No theory to frame my work, to support it, so it remains vulnerable to competent and referring eyes. But I remain attached to this form of freedom and the risks that come with it.

Photography opens up the possibility of creating more than an image, more than a reality: it creates an unreality and this unreality, I want it to be narrative: a photograph must also tell a story that breaks with what it shows ( its reality) and if this story is strange, if this story solicits the imagination of the one who looks at the photo, at that moment, the goal is reached.





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