Ping Yin [RA 2015]


First name: Ping ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Yin ;

Member: Resident Artist Member ; 
2015 ;
n/a ;



Ping Yin was born in 1953 in Beijing, China. In 1996 he emigrated to the United States. He currently lives in New York City. Ping has focused on the study of Western Painting with an emphasis in impressionistic contemporary paintings, primarily in oil.

Art is Ping Yin’s life

As a young man in Beijing, he studied with professor Luo Gongliu, a famous artist in China, and graduated from China Central Arts & Crafts College in 1986. Ping was a professional artist working at the China Post Museum for several years.

In 1989 he was honored with the prestigious “Outstanding Prize of Contemporary Young Talents Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition” sponsored by Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China.

In 1992 Ping was the winner of an Honorary Prize at the International Chinese Painting Exhibition. That year he had a major personal exhibition in Beijing.

In 1993, Ping won additional recognition for a major acrylic fresco for the Hilton Hotel in Beijing. This was followed by 2 personal exhibitions in 1998 in New York. Additionally, he joined several group shows internationally including China and the United States. Ping is a member of Salmagundi Club (American artist society since 1871). And a member of American Impressionist Society.

Ping Yin’s paintings have been in collections by the Beijing International Yiyuan Art Museum, and the Tokyo Cunshang Art Museum and was entered in the “International Who’s Who of Intellectuals”.

Ping Yin believes that color is the soul of painting. The combination of color and light are the eternal themes of painting. To have control of the master color performance is imperative to be a good painter.

He loved and adored Impressionist painting when he was first exposed to it in his teens. This was during the same time of China’s Cultural Revolution. The picture album was considered Western Culture and was prohibited. He was, however, able to see these pictures of these paintings at the home of his teacher Mr. Luo Gongliu. He was very impressed by the beautiful “magical” world of impressionist colors. His excitement and love for impressionists’ colors was solidified when he was able to directly view the original Impressionists’ works in1996 when he moved to the United States. He was very impressed and excited by the magical feeling that this beautiful impressionist world of colors provided. He spent every day at the Metropolitan Museum,Observing and marveling at every master’s techniques with both color and light. Observing these wonderful works brought him great pleasure touching his every nerve. It was at this time that Ping Yin’s own impressionist style began to develop and flourish to what it is today.

This new platform has resulted in oil paintings of various American scenes such as summer beaches, lake boats, country music, bright sunrises, etc. He has accomplished these through a presentation of light and color. The luminosity and shining quiver of color, such as street lights at dusk, the lights in the restaurant, the knife, fork, and glass on the reflective touches the very soul. His extensive use of bright vivid colors affords each of these paintings a feeling of beauty, romance, quiet, and comfort. These are compilations of simple praises of life through depictions of humanity and nature.





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