Richard Brunson [EM NRA 2001]


First name: Richard ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Brunson ;

Member: Emeritus non-resident artist member ; 
2001 ;
n/a ;



Richard “Rusty” Brunson became an Emeritus Member of the Salmagundi Art Club in 2014. He authored the art book, “Irby Brown. Southwest Landscape Paintings”,which was published in 2015 by the University of New Mexico Press. Brunson studied at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas with Jerry Newman and in workshops with Ned Jacob, Matt Smith, Clyde Aspevig, and Michael Lynch. His current mentor is Santa Fe painter Irby Brown. Rusty has traveled throughout the United States, particularly in the West, Europe, Africa and the Far East.Impressionist in style Rusty typically paints outdoors in oil and in watercolor. He moved to Santa Fe in January 1991 to make a more concentrated effort to capture the magnificence and majesty of the Southwest. His work has been shown in fine art galleries in Houston, Texas, West Palm Beach, Florida, Middleberg, Virginia, Tucson and Scottsdale, Arizona, Grand Junction, Colorado,in many private collections and is shown at the Matt Kuhn Collection in Santa Fe, NM.





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