Richard Hall [NRA 2019]

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2019 ;
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For over 40 years, I have enjoyed a successful career in fine art, exploring the opposing worlds of abstract art and traditional still life. But chance intervened when a mischievous toddler added her two-cents worth to one of my still life settings, prompting me to see my work in an entirely new way.

The incident occurred in 2010 when I walked into my studio and found that my precisely constructed still life setup of vintage hand tools had been augmented by a plastic dump truck and driver, carefully placed “just-so” in the middle of the scene. The unintended art critique, my two-year old granddaughter, made me laugh out loud!

Intrigued by the juxtaposition between the weathered tools and the bright plastic, I tinkered with the display until I got the idea for The Great Escape – wherein a brave dump truck driver starts a Rube Goldberge-esque process in motion to rescue his toolbox-imprisoned friends.

Since I was already “breaking the rules” for appropriate still life subject matter, I decided to step even further outside the genre by incorporating an abstract background. The artistic union was complete: still life precision, abstract art vibrancy, and my cheeky British humor – all in one painting.

I assumed that my collectors wouldn’t be interested in The Great Escape, fearing they would find the lighthearted subject matter to be frivolous. I was in for a big surprise when the painting sold before the varnish was even dry.

Since this time, I have been offering my work to collectors nationwide who enjoy this technique and laugh-out-loud wordplay.




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