Robert Silverman [RA 2012]

First name: Robert ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Silverman ;

Member: Resident artist member ;
2012 ;


bob was born and educated in New York City. Graduating the High School of Music and Ar and the Cooper Union majoring in graphic design, he entered that field, working for several prestigious design groups before opening a small studio of his own. working on various types of projects and garnering several awards, it was time to follow his fundamental call to study classical fine art. to this end he graduated the New York Academy of Art with an MFA and then entered into a 4 year course of study at the Grand Central Academy. he also studied with various artists privately during his off times.
finishing in 2010 he has been working in his own studio amassing a body of work and showing his work throughout the country and Europe and he has been recognized with several awards and shows.




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