Robert Warren Pillsbury [EM RA 2019]

Robert W Pillsbury (b.1952)

First: Robert ;
Middle: Warren ;
Last: Pillsbury ;

Member: Resident artist member (2001-2019), Emeritus Resident artist member (2019-today) ; 
2001 ;
n/a ;



Robert Pillsbury now President Emeritus, after serving as President of the Salmagundi Club 2013-2019. On the creative side his passion lies in drawing, painting in encaustic, and making monotypes and etchings. He participates in at least one of these activities every day, regardless of time or place. When speaking about the art he makes, his statements always illustrate a profound and abiding respect for the natural world where he draws his inspiration.His work has been included in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, as well as traveling exhibitions internationally, garnering numerous awards throughout his long career.





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