Ronnie (Cutler) Roberts (1924-2014) memorial award


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Title: Ronnie (Cutler) Roberts (1924-2014) memorial award ;

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Ronnie Cutler studied at Columbia, Brooklyn Museum of Art, and Art Students League. Cutler had a long career exhibiting at the Whitney, Berkshire Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Provincetown Art Association, Salmagundi Club, and Silvermine Guild, among others. Cutler won numerous prizes for her work and has been collected widely. The Whitney Museum of Art has selected a number of her pieces for their permanent collection.

2023 – for oil landscape – SCNY Fall auctions | $500 #34 Del-Bourree Bach Green acres

2022 – for oil landscape – SCNY Fall auctions | $500 #6 Marcus Pierno Tioronda hat works

2021 – for oil landscape – SCNY Fall auctions | $100 #220 Zhi Li Rainy day at Echo Lake

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January 1, 1924

Last updated: October 18, 2023 at 18:25 pm

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