Salmagundi Collectors Circle

A drawing and watercolor wash, depicting a crowd gathering in a museum.

What is the Salmagundi Collectors Circle?

No matter how informed we think we are, it never hurts to hear new ideas and meet new people. This is especially true in art collecting, a vast and exciting field that is always evolving. Now the Salmagundi Club — long devoted to its artist-members — has created a program that helps collectors and patrons grow in their understanding of art. Its activities include talks – held in-person and online – usually with a festive meal held afterward in the club’s charming restaurant.

This program is more than a series of lectures, but an opportunity for members to join with other like-minded enthusiasts to share ideas on collecting and concepts. In addition, there will be tours, dinners, meeting with artists, and the sharing of information and experiences together. All art lovers are invited to be a part of this special group.

How do I join?

$450 | Yearly fee for non-members
$200 | Yearly fee for Salmagundi members

If signing up for our Salmagundi member price, your membership will be verified based on the information you provided.

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Collectors’ Circle members get:

  • access to 10 lectures per year
  • a discount code for FREE entry to lectures
  • access to our dining room during lecture nights (reservations required)

Lectures will often be scheduled on Thursday evenings.

Not certain yet?

Interested in the lectures, but not sure if you want to join just yet?

Get a taste of our lectures according to what you’re interested in. Individual tickets are available for purchase for each lecture. Your choice.

$50 | General admission
$25 | Salmagundi members

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