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S A L M A G U N D I A N  M A G A Z I N E ,  c . a. 1 9 1 0  –   T O D A Y



The Salmagundian magazine began ca.1910, and still exists today.  It was published monthly, quarterly, intermittently, in special edition, or more recently, in blog form.  It had gone under various names: The Salmagundian, Salmagundian Magazine, Salmagundi Notes, Salmagundi Stew and more.  The magazine was a place for Salmagundi members to share member profiles, to get to know new members, memorialize members, let the members know about classes and workshops outside the organization, alert others to awards they earned beyond the club, share their press, share upcoming events and calendars, share life events, review the art shows at the club and much more.  The Salmagundian was always associated with the club but stood separate from the main organization.  It provided the membership support while allowing the club to remain politically neutral.

Like the club, the magazine was a 100% volunteer endeavor, run by members and completely organized by them outside the limits of the Salmagundi Club.  The magazine had dedicated members who spent countless hours editing, writing and creating the magazine.  Any member is allowed to take it up and as they passed, so at times did the magazine.

We are currently digitizing the copies of the magazine that we own in the archives.  It is not a complete run of the magazine.  If you have copies that we are missing, we would love for you to contact the club and allow us to digitize a copy for the archives.

S A L M A G U N D I A N   M A G A Z I N E ,  2 0 2 2  –  P R E S E N T

T H E   S A L M A G U N D I A N   [ B L O G ] ,  2 0 1 0  –  2 0 1 8

S A L M A G U N D I   S T E W ,  1 9 8 5  –   2 0 0 3

The Salmagundi Stew was a newsletter that was produced by volunteers of the organization from 1985 to 2003.  It was largely a calendar of upcoming events.

S A L M A G U N D I   N O T E S ,  1 9 7 8  –  C A . 1 9 8 0

S A L M A G U N D  I A N ,   1 9 4 9  –  2 0 1 8

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