Salmagundian Antonio Cirino: The Unexpected Author of a Textbook in Print for a Century

Dazzle: Jewelry Drawings from the Antonio Cirino Collection explores a lesser-known side of a well-known artist

Dazzle illustration
Jewelry illustration from the collection of Antonio Cirino

NEW YORK, NY, December 17, 2021 – Salmagundi non-resident artist-member Antonio Cirino (1889-1983) was an important part of Salmagundi from 1926 to 1983, spanning 57 years. The gifted Rhode Island School of Design graduate (1904-1909) was a prolific painter, jewelry designer, writer, and teacher.

Cirino is most remembered today as a painter of impressionistic landscape and coastal scenes. But the artist’s early career focused on teaching jewelry design. Cirino wrote a seminal book on the topic titled Jewelry Making and Design: an illustrated textbook for teachers, students of design, and craft workers in jewelry with Augustus Foster Rose (1873-1946) in 1917. The book guides students through the techniques of jewelry construction using a series of progressively challenging exercises. Cirino asked students, friends, and colleagues to create illustrations for his book and may have collected others. These works, in the artist’s private collection, are likely from former students during his 35 years of teaching in Rhode Island.

According to curator Bill Indursky, “Dazzle is a technically stunning look at a little-known side of a well-known artist. Cirino was prolific in multiple disciplines over his long life.” Dazzle: Jewelry Drawings from the Antonio Cirino Collection runs from November 15, 2021, through January 31, 2022, in the Print Gallery at Salmagundi.


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