Salvatore Scrivo [NRA 2012]

Salvatore Scrivo

First name: Salvatore ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Scrivo ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ;
2012 ;


Mixed media shadow boxes; cabinets of curiosities; bizarre and self-contained worlds; my sculptural boxes are inspired in form by devotional “Retablos.” The fake and artificial world transports the viewer to another place.

Visual themes of either Roman/Greek mythology or Christian religious narratives are used allegorically to express the artist’s personal vision of the hidden anxieties of our time.

Each “Tableau Box” or “Nicho” uses a combination of two- and three-dimensional art, creating an expressive visual that is both disorienting and deeply dream-like; a slice of life, not telling a story, but “freezing verbiage” to comment on an idea. An all-encompassing environment that transports the viewer, at least metaphorically, inside the artist’s head, evoking a world which is both serious and capricious–creating a toy-like puppet show in suspended animation, and pulling the viewer into the surreal world, if only for the moment.




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