Serena G Bates [NRA 2006]

First name: Serena ;
Middle name:
G ;
Last name:
Bates ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2006 ;
n/a ;



Let me tell you a story. I was invited to participate in a show entitled Gaia’s Lament, Earth Cry. It sounded like a gloomy theme, so I did what I often do in this situation: I looked for the story at the center. Stories are what define my work, what drive my vision, what inspire my hands-my life. My sculptures bring those stories to life, incorporating a symbiotic mixture of ideas and visions from people around me, the environment and materials where I’m working, and that sudden burst of illumination-often coming after I’m well into the sculpting process. The stories cover a spectrum of genres, from the comic Three Stooges fountainheads squirting water from pursed lips, to Joan of Arc, to Alice in Wonderland. Life’s stories plant seeds in my mind, take shape in my soul, and are born through my sculptures.




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