Stephanie Reiter [NRA 2014]

Stephanie Reiter

First name: Stephanie ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Reiter ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ;
2014 ;


Painting for me is about capturing the light and beauty of the day. Usually a landscape will hit me and say, “paint me”.  Then I know I must capture it.  My reactions and interpretations combined with the right pigments and line express the natural beauty I am experiencing.

What Cezanne called “petite sensations”, the little feeling you get from being alive in the world hopefully translate onto the canvas and take their place as such and present the viewer with some of the same emotions.  I like to show how beautiful and magical the world is right before our eyes, if we only take the time to look. I feel as if I go to heaven and come back with a postcard!

My most recent sculptures are about capturing the beauty of form and color.  The sensual shapes and hues can offer a mystifying and transcending experience, where one color and shape leads into the next and fulfills a satisfying aesthetic.




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