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Steven Gifford is an artist and architect exploring the nature of watercolor and different levels of abstraction while expressing what he sees and imagines. He is fascinated with light so most of his paintings depict the intensity of light as it defines edges, shapes and the depth of space. One distinct aspect of his watercolors is that sunlight is best expressed by celebrating the white of the paper while depth is created with deeper shades of color. Gifford’s plein air paintings often express fleeting moments of sunlight and shadows as he discovers shapes unseen until illuminated.


Steven Gifford’s work has been exhibited at the following galleries and museums:

National Academy Museum New York, NY
The Munson Gallery Chatham, MA
Salmagundi Art Club New York, NY
The Art Students League of New York New York, NY
Gallery of Hotel Della Salute of Venice (Solo Exhibition) Venice, Italy
Art by Architects (Annual exhibits 2019- 2023) New York, NY
Gallery of Church of Heavenly (Solo Exhibition) New York, NY

Contact the Artist

For more information and available paintings for sale please contact Steven Gifford at:

Instagram: @giffordart01
Phone: 917-374-8500




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