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Steven J. Levin is an American artist trained in the atelier method similar to that of 19th century Paris; his oil paintings apply a traditional aesthetic to modern themes. The Impressionist Edgar Degas advised painters “never a stroke without the masters in your head,” and Levin draws his influence from a variety of sources including the masters, but also photography, and cinema, he infuses his paintings with a decided classical ethos.

His figurative paintings convey beauty from scenes of dim billiard halls with studied figures leaning intently under pools of light as they contemplate the table, to the cool brilliance of an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum in which admirers of past masters become the works of art themselves.

One recent work in his still life series Books and Butterflies, earned the top award for a still life painting from the ARC Salon of 2016. In the collection, beautiful old books are juxtaposed with butterflies that flit around the arrangement or alight on the pages, creating a visual simile of delicate pages and butterfly wings. Another popular series “Plumage” depicts men’s dress hats, drawing a telling connection between the hats, the feathers, and the birds from which they derive.

Levin has exhibited widely and taken part in significant group and solo shows in San Francisco, New York, London, Beijing and Barcelona. He has been featured on the cover of American Artist Magazine and the Artist’s Magazine and also has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes in national competitions including the American Society of Portrait Artists, the Art Renewal Center, the Portrait Institute, American Artist Magazine, the Salmagundi Club, the Oil Painters of America and the American Artist’s Professional League. He is represented by Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, Cavalier Gallery of New York and Tree’s Place Gallery on Cape Cod.

Levin lives and works in Stillwater, Minnesota.




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