Stuart Williamson [EM 2014]

Stuart Williamson

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Born in the Industrial NE Yorkshire in 1948
I have produced a considerable number of mainly historical portraits for famous US Institutions, amongst them Washington, Franklin, Truman and Jefferson, and enjoy to work from drawings, paintings, photographs as well as from life.
I’ve also sculpted a figure of the poet, John Keats for Guys Hospital, London and recently a bust of Walt Whitman for a Michigan client.
I taught sculpture to adults at Kensington Chelsea College in London for 3 years and later created master classes in the USA, Hong Kong and S.America.
The search for a sound structure that would leave me free to find and express the more important elements of portrait sculpture did develop the groundwork for a method which has now culminated in an instructional DVD set, which I call From the Inside Out.
For the moment I am back to exploring materials, and ceramics in particular.

Stuart Williamson Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, also Member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors UK and the National Sculpture Society, NY
President & Co-founder of the Portrait Sculptors Society of the Americas (PSSA)




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